Year 5


The icons above are links to thes services that are available to you if you feel you need them.






During these difficult times, you may find your child/children have to isolate whilst their school mates remain at school.  To try to alleviate any more stress than necessary we will endeavour to make sure that your child is provided with interesting, relevant and varied activities.


All work will be set on your child's Google Classroom. 


5D - Google Classroom

5M - Google Classroom

Listed below are some useful links that may help supplement your child's learning.


Times Tables Rock Stars


Oxford Reading Buddy


Top Marks Maths


The Oak NationalAcadamy


Spring 1 - RE



Spring 1 Science

Super Scientists


Black Scientists Through History


Black Inventors of the 20th and 21st Century


Spring 1 History


Pablo Fanque - The Greatest Victorian Showman


The life of Mary Seacole


Queen Victoria


Spring 1 - Art


Indian Embroidery